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Grant County assigns addresses based on a grid system to sites outside the boundaries of incorporated cities and towns. Assigning addresses in a consistent and predictable manner helps emergency responders locate you and your property in times of need.


As of June 1, 2014, addresses are managed by the Planning Department.


Application Process


1 Application Fillable 50KB 2014/06/01
2 Map Find your parcel and print map. Mark the map with the driveway location, and structure to be addressed (if applicable).
3 Fee $15 cash or check (no electronic)
4 Post your address A Uniform Address Marker is included in the application fee.

Posting your Address


Grant County, Washington, Code of Ordinances



10.36.070 Display of designations

(a) The owner, occupant, tenant, lessee or any other person or entity having an interest in any building or structure which is habitable or tenant able for residential, commercial, business, storage, or other purpose shall distinctly display the numerical designation assigned to each building by the department.

(b) Within rural areas of Grant County a uniform county address marker shall be used to mark the access way from a county road to the building or structure being served by the address. This marker shall be a [five-inch by twelve-inch] sign with a reflective blue background and reflective white numbers. The placement shall be on the property, not the road right-of-way. The height of the marker shall be not less than feet and not greater than five feet from the grade of the access road. Placement on property shall be not more than three feet off the access road, and sign is parallel to the road accessed, with the numbers facing the road.

(c) Rural residents and business are required to use the uniform marker where the building is more than one hundred feet from the county road, and/or when the visibility of the four-inch high with a minimum stroke width of one-half-inch numbers on the building is blocked or obscured by any obstruction. Long access or driveways, where a turn in the road direction occurs shall be marked at each turn in the road direction. Access or driveways are allowed to be marked as well as the buildings at any time. Therefore assuring the law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services will be able to locate the building in the time of emergency.

 (d) Areas within the county which are developed in an urban style with close proximity of the roads or streets to the building shall be marked as follows: Addresses marked on the buildings shall be marked with numbers not less than four inches in height with a minimum stroke width of one-half-inch and shall have a contrasting color to the background they are placed on. Example: white on dark colors, dark on light colors.

Addresses on buildings shall not be the primary address marker when the building is more than one hundred feet from the county road or when visibility is block or obstructed from the county road. In these cases the road access onto the property will be marked with a uniform address marker described above (subsection (c)) as the property's owners primary address marker.  

Display of numerical designations shall be required within 15 days of notification or before occupancy of a new residence or building.

(Res. and Ord. 85-143-CC 7, 1985)

(Ord. No. 10-056-CC, 1, 7-26-2010)


The example below is color-coded to show the location of address marker(s) for each building or parcel.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can you assign an address over the phone?

No, Grant County needs the signed application and fee before assigning an address.


Do you start my mail service?

No, that's up to you. Grant County does notify the Multi-Agency Communication Center (911) of your new address.


Can I choose my address number?

No, Grant County code specifies a grid system for addressing.


Can I choose my road name?

Not usually. Per Grant County code, some exceptions may be allowed.



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